The organization has a (contracted) CSIRT. The CSIRT is fully mandated to respond to active threats to limit the impact of potential security incidents.

Business continuity management

A business contuinity plan (BCP) exists for potential disaster scenario’s that could affect the critical processes. The business contuinity plan is reviewed at least annually. The business continuity plan is...

Incident response procedure

The organisation has processes for IT incidents in place. IT incidents are evaluated if they are potential security incidents. (Potential) Security incidents are treated according to a documented and standardised...

Email forwarding

Automatic forwarding of email to external addresses is denied-by-default.

Domain reservations

Description Domain names reserved for organisational purposes cannot be released shortly after the domain name is no longer needed. A list of domain names that can never be released needs...

Security in projects and changes

Description Planned changes are evaluated for potential security impact. The classification of all processes and systems involved in the change is reviewed and adjusted where necessary. In projects, sufficient resources...

Detection of assets

Description Organisations actively and passively detect assets that may not be registered in the CMDB, both within the network and outside. Discrepancies in CMDB and detected assets are resolved.

Asset inventory

Organisations maintain an accurate and up-to-date registry of organisational hardware and software assets in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Governance of Processes and Systems

The Information Systems and Processes are identified and registered. Each System and Process has an owner within the organisation. The owner is responsible for compliance with the organisational information security...

Acceptable use policy

End users are actively informed on the organisational policies regarding acceptable use of assets. Organisationally offered IT assets and services must be used for professional purposes, the usage of free/private...